English Stories 4


In the morning, when everybody woke up after a refreshing sleep, the boys were still plugged in and wanted to start another arse fucking round but mom stopped it. She asked them to pull out and then made them lie down on the floor. She herself got out of bed, squatted down on Prasad's face and opening his mouth, started pissing into it in a matter-of-fact manner. For her, he was her walking toilet and it was the most natural thing to do. She asked Neelima to do the same with Deepak and told everyone that this was going to be a natural act from now on and everybody should get used to it. After the piss had been drunk, everybody got up.

The morning's first piss had been exceptionally hot and tangy, being accumulation of the whole night. Deepak told this to Mom and she smiled lovingly, gratified at his appreciation of the divine gift of her body. Mom asked the two boys to go to the other bathroom, relax and clean themselves and to take a long refreshing bath and then come back to the bedroom for breakfast.

When she mentioned breakfast, she winked at Neelima wickedly, setting Neelima's heart fluttering with anticipation. She refused to answer any questions and pulled Neelima along after her into the bathroom where they had a relaxing calming bath for a long time. They soaped and bathed each other, taking time to have a quick suck at each other's cunt, enjoying their first juice of the morning as well as whetting their sexual appetite for the long day ahead. Neelima wanted to shit but Mom somehow persuaded her to hold on and do it later. asked Neelima with irritation. Sulabha mom said there would be time and opportunity later and there was no need to shit immediately. This odd advice made Neelima wonder but she contracted her stomach muscles resolutely, willing to hold on as long as mom wanted.

As they dried themselves and came out, Neelima asked her mom about what she meant by breakfast. Mom replied that for them, it was the boys' cream that must by now have filled up their balls and could be easily sucked at least thrice within the next half-hour.When she asked mom about the boys' breakfast, mom grinned and asked her to relax on the sofa while she walked to the cupboard. She returned, carrying a big cardboard box, obviously expensive looking and imported. The box simply said 'Force-Feeder' and Neelima assumed that it was some instrument for small kids who were not good eaters. Mom smilingly handed her the brochure.

The first photo showed a woman using a contraption looking like a mini-pump to force cereal food into the mouth of a protesting boy on her lap. The second photo showed a woman doing the same with an anorexic looking teenaged girl, securely bound. She had inserted the tube into the girl's mouth, tied two straps around her head and was pressing a handle. A bowl of thick pudding lay nearby. Neelima could see the utility of the device but did not understand how it was applicable to them and looked at mom questioningly. Mom, now smiling with a huge lusty grin, handed her the other brochure, which mentioned in bold letters 'For adults only'. Neelima opened the brochure and started violently as she saw the photograph inside. She felt her heart start hammering and experienced a wild excitement, never having imagined such a kinky scenario. She sensed a wicked sensuous glow as her cunt started getting moist and warm, even as she was feeling shocked at the perversity of it.

The photo showed a bathroom scene where a sexy young blonde was just reclining on the edge of the toilet seat. She was naked except for a couple of black round circles tied on her buttocks. The same contraption was fastened to the center of her buttocks and a handsome man, bound and trussed up was sitting on the floor, his face strapped to the buttocks of the woman and the other end of the contraption attached to his mouth. The woman was pressing a handle on the side while her other hand was buried between her thighs, a look of great lust on her face, as she peered back at the man. The caption read "Now you can force feed anything to anybody, even in the toilet". It was clear as to what the woman was feeding the hapless man.

Mom laughed and asked her to read ahead. "Tu aage padh to sahee." The brochure also contained a white paper on suitability of women's body extracts to feed and sustain men. It gave instances of where sexually active families had managed to bring up perfectly healthy children, purely on excretions of the mother (and sometime father as well). Neelima's hand crept to her own crotch, fingering herself desperately, unable to contain her lust.

Sulabha Mom had a beatific smile on her face as she told Neelima that she had ordered two pieces from a catalog and she wanted to try them out today during breakfast time. Neelima peered inside the box and found a set just like in the photograph. She too grinned at mom in sudden delight, understanding why mom had stopped her from shitting and both started laughing, imagining the surprise and shock in store for the boys.

While they were still laughing with perverse delight, Prasad and Deepak returned from the bathroom. They were fully naked, their young slim bodies glowing after a relaxing bath. They looked delicious to the women who licked their chops, raring to have a go at them. Both males had powerful erections, their cocks straining with desire, the knobs red and swollen like juicy plums. Mom and Neelima welcomed them, kissing and caressing their faces, holding their cocks and stroking them. The boys were hungry and demanded breakfast. Mom told them that first she and Neelima would have breakfast and then they would in turn have a delicious hot meal.

Neelima smiled wickedly at this statement and tried to turn away her face, as boys lovingly thanked mom saying they were sure that one of Mom's delicious dishes would take care of their hunger. They also asked what mom and Neelima were having for breakfast. Mom lovingly asked them what could be better than the tasty thick cream they had in their loins. Prasad and Deepak positively jumped with joy at this and she led them to the big dining table and made them lie down comfortably on top of it. She pulled a chair and sat down beside Deepak and beckoned Neelima to do the same on the other side with Prasad.

Deepak's quivering penis was now throbbing in front of mom at a comfortable height. Mom just had to bend a little as she gently caught the shaft in her fists and opening her mouth, swallowed the delicious looking purple knob. She pumped the shaft experimentally and then started sucking with pleasure. She looked like a diner who had a giant straw in her mouth, sucking up a heavenly delight. Her laughing eyes met Neelima's, who had followed suit with Prasad's penis and they both sucked with relish.

Neelima ran her tongue lovingly on the silken smooth skin as she sucked and this caused Prasad's cock to further swell and throb as he groaned with pleasure and tried to hold her head and pull it down on the shaft, meaning to penetrate further in her mouth. Deepak had done the same with mom and was pulling her head into his crotch, trying to stuff his cock into her throat. Mom suddenly sat up, withdrawing the cock from her mouth and got up impatiently. She scolded the boys sharply and said that they would have to be tied up as she did not want them interfering with her and her daughter's pleasure in cock sucking.

She returned with some of her soiled brassieres and tossed a couple of them to Neelima, telling her to tie Prasad up. She then tightly bound Deepak's feet together. She then rolled him over, pulled his hands behind his back and then trussed up the wrists tightly with another bra. She rolled him again onto his back and continued where she had left off. Deepak's crotch was now raised a little with his hand tied under him and mom found this height even more comfortable.

Neelima had done the same with Prasad and both now proceeded to suck the boys off. They groaned with desire and frustration as they could not bear the unbelievably sweet sensation in their members. Mom and Neelima played with the boy's cocks, as they pleased, rolling them in their palms, sucking them and even softly biting them. They were in no hurry and Mom told Neelima to tease them and sweet torture them to her heart's content before making them come as it would draw out the last drop of thick cream from their loins.

For the next half an hour, the room sounded like a torture chamber, the sounds of groaning, moaning, crying and pleading boys filled the air, complimenting sucking and slurping sounds from the women. But they were happy sounds, the boys in a state of heavenly bliss, unbearably aroused and full of loving torment. When Deepak and Prasad finally started pleading with a desperate intensity, then the women had pity on them and sucked hard on the purple balls of soft flesh, filing them with their tongue and even biting them softly to make them ejaculate. They fisted the shafts rapidly, and the boys finally came with sweet cries and tears of joy. As the thick cream jetted out, Mom and Neelima settled down with pleasure to the task of enjoying their breakfast. They caught the drops on their tongues, tasted the thick cream and swallowed big mouthfuls, while continuing to pump the shafts relentlessly, stopping only when they had been emptied of their last drop.

Mom and Neelima now switched their places to have a change of taste and a refill. Mom first kissed Prasad making him taste the lingering flavor of his brother's semen in her mouth while Neelima did the same with Deepak. They fed them a little of their milk, shoving their breasts in the waiting mouths of the boys long enough to get them hard again. Then Mom taught a new trick to Neelima to make the penises stand up harder. She wrapped one hand around the swollen glans of Prasad and cupped the other palm over the top. Then she started rapidly rotating them back and forth in the opposite direction.

The unbearable friction on the raw nerves of the glans made Prasad moan loudly and raspingly and soon he was at full mast. Neelima improved on this exercise initiated by Mom by bending her fingers inward so that her long nails softly dug into the silken skin of Deepak's knob. This literally made Deepak gasp and twitch and he too was soon panting with lust. Both women proceeded to suck the cocks, and sucked off the boys efficiently, hurrying now as both were eager to proceed to the next phase.

As Deepak and Prasad relaxed after the double suck, they complained of being hungry and asked mom what she was going to feed them. Mom teased them and asked them to guess. She gave the clue that it would be a hot dish, freshly made, steaming, prepared independently by her and Neelima and would also taste different for each woman. They could not guess and when they gave up, she showed them the folder with a flourish and told them about the delightful fate in store of them.

As they saw the photograph of the woman force-feeding her boyfriend in the toilet and saw the instrument mom took out of the box, their faces registered shock, revulsion, lust and a perverse eagerness. Their cocks also responded, standing up immediately even though they had just been sucked off. Deepak was immediately turned on tremendously and told mom that she or Neelima need not use the instrument as he was raring to eat his hot meal directly. Mom kissed him fondly and said that they would still like to use it for the novelty and thrill and to practice.

Prasad was silent, and though his cock quivered with desire, he looked reluctant and afraid. Mom noticed it and said that she would take care of her darling little boy's hunger while Neelima took care of Deepak. As Prasad looked further scared, Mom further teased him by saying that she would first suck off Prasad completely so that he could enjoy its true taste, without any sexual feeling or distraction. She then proceeded to suck him off. She was direct and efficient and sucked him off twice within ten minutes and then asked Neelima to continue. Neelima too sucked him off till crying youngster pleaded to be left alone, his empty balls aching and his cock refusing to rise any further.

Ignoring his pleading, Mom took over again, using all her charm and expertise to make him hard for the last time and then fellated him. Prasad was crying and sobbing pitiably by the time she finished gobbling up the last spoonful of cream. He was so satiated that any thought of sex also repelled him. He was now in the exact frame of find that mom wanted. She decided to release Deepak and told him something in his ear. Deepak grinned with lust and nodded, his cock already rock hard and throbbing.

Everybody watched avidly as Mom picked up the force-feeder to fit it to Prasad's mouth. It had a short rubber lined tube at the mouth end while the other end was a smooth two-inch long and one inch across tube for insertion into the anus. There was a rubber washer about three inches in diameter between the two to act as a seal. A slim handle projected on the side, which could be pistoned in and out. She explained that Prasad would have his mouth full and would be able to taste all that went in before swallowing.

A three-inch wide rubber strap was attached to the mouth tube, which could be tied behind the victim's head. Finally, there were two big round saucers made of black rubber, luxuriously soft and smooth, attached to the tube that went into the anus. They were about one foot in diameter and were meant as a saddle for the buttocks of the feeder. They were supposed to arouse and caress the feeder to enhance the experience. At the end of each saucer, there was a rubber strap, which could be tied in front of the crotch of the feeder.

Mom proceeded to fit Prasad up first. She asked him to open his mouth and when he just stared with a pitiful blank expression, she asked Neelima to help. Neelima squeezed his cheeks hard and viciously, making his mouth open in a big O. Ignoring his cry of pain, Mom inserted the mouthpiece between his lips and as his mouth clamped around it, tied the rubber strap firmly behind his head. He was now gagged and ready. Deepak was untied and he eagerly got up and lifted Prasad off the table. He sat down on the floor, sucking Prasad's arse while Neelima sucked Deepak's cock.

He then took Prasad in his lap and positioned his glans at the anus of his trussed up younger brother. Then he pulled down Prasad into his lap with all his strength, impaling the helpless boy. Mom and Neelima pitched in, pushing Prasad down and the boy whimpered with pain and fright as his buttocks were slowly impaled up to the hilt. Deepak swooned in the lovely sensation of the tight grip of his brother's anal passage on his cock and put his arms around him, caressing his nipples.

Mom now proceeded to fit the other end into her anus. She showed Neelima how to do it and Neelima first licked the beautiful red opening of the arsehole to lubricate it and then lovingly inserted the short tube into her arsehole. Mom wriggled sensuously as Neelima fitted the two rubber saucers on her buttocks. Mom then firmly tied the saddle by pulling and buckling the straps in front.

As Neelima stepped back, she saw with a thrill that now Mom looked just like the blonde slut of the brochure. The setting was more erotic as Prasad was sitting impaled on Deepak's cock. Deepak bent and peered into Prasad's eyes, while Neelima too stepped closer to observe the action. They were turned on by the pitiful haunted look in the boy's eyes, who cried, tears streaking down his cheeks as he waited for the action to start, trembling and quivering. His cock was absolutely limp, shrunk to the size of a small baby carrot. Neelima pulled on it teasingly, laughing sadistically, as she asked mom to start.

Mom herself was trembling in lust, feeling juice flow down her thighs, her clitoris erect like a mini penis. She glanced at the mirror on the front wall and smiled at the ribald set up reflected in it. She withdrew the slim piston fully and then asking everybody to watch, tensed her stomach muscles and shat the first load down into Prasad's mouth. She felt herself creaming and filled with motherly love, feeling a sense of fulfilling her duty, feeding her son directly with the excretion from her sensuous body, as she sensed the solid hot matter descend from her intestine into her son's mouth. Everybody raptly watched Prasad's reaction.

Prasad felt the rubber tube gagging his mouth bulge slightly and suddenly a squeezed cylinder of hot solid cheesy substance slowly started descending on his tongue. It was his sexy mother's solid shit. He tried to avoid tasting it, holding his breath. Mom now pushed in the piston fully, and with a smooth swishing sound, the complete batch was squeezed into Prasad's mouth like a giant toothpaste. Prasad jerked as suddenly his mouth was completely full of the hot cheesy steaming substance.

He finally could not hold his breath longer and swallowed, as his lips were totally sealed by the rubber washer. He tasted the tangy salty-bitter substance and sobbed as he was forced to swallow his mother's shit down his throat. Deepak was so horny that he slowly started rising up and down fucking his brother's arse from below. Mom paused for some time till she was sure that Prasad had eaten the first mouthful of the shit. She pulled out the piston and shat the second load, driving it in by pushing down the piston again. Neelima could not control herself any longer and kneeled down in front of Mom. Mom spread her thighs gratefully and Neelima reached up and opening her mouth took the complete genitals of her mother in her mouth, labia, vulva, vagina and clitoris, sucking on them like a ripe fruit. Mom came shuddering, juice now flowing into Neelima's mouth in a steady stream.

Sulabha mom continued shitting amidst her joyful orgasms, mindful of her duty to her son. Prasad cried and sobbed and swallowed, trussed up and buggered from below, beyond any feeling now, except the feeling of his stomach slowly filling up with the hot shit and tasting the steamy vapors rising from it. He had to taste each mouthful as mom paused before shitting the next load, to ensure he was enjoying himself. Mom had come thrice, her violent lust now a little satisfied. She asked Neelima to get up and saddle herself up for Deepak as she would take a long time with Prasad and both of them could shit together.

Neelima got up and fitted Deepak's willing mouth with the second feeder. Then as she saddled herself, Deepak impatiently squeezed her stomach asking her to start. Mom and Neelima were now standing side by side, their buttocks fastened to the boys' mouths. Mom encouraged Neelima as she started shitting. Deepak moaned in pleasure as he felt the first load of the warm mass on his tongue. He tasted it, rolling it around his tongue and sucked eagerly. He would have continued to roll it on the tongue but Neelima then squeezed the piston in, filling his mouth with more shit and he had to swallow.

Mom and Neelima turned to each other, kissing and sucking each other's mouth, their hands busy in frigging each other's cunt. They now fell into a smooth rhythm, shitting regularly and then pausing till they felt the mouths bound to their anuses swallow gratefully. They had some delightfully violent orgasms, feeling themselves to be in heaven as they gradually emptied their stomachs. Neelima finished earlier though Mom had started first. Mom smiled as she knew the reason.

Neelima was petite, a small eater while mom was buxom and a large eater. She simply had more shit in her intestines than Neelima, and Prasad was literally being force fed, having to be hurried along by repeated movement of the piston. On the other hand, Deepak was an eager eater, literally sucking the matter out of her arse, as fast as she could shit. When Neelima was finished, she paused and worked the piston a few times, ensuring that everything was expelled into Deepak's eager mouth. She then unsaddled herself and removed the tube from Deepak's mouth. It was absolutely clean, having been emptied and licked up by Deepak. Mom told her to piss in Deepak's mouth as he must be thirsty after a meal.

Neelima turned around and found Deepak ready with his mouth open. She thrust her pelvis forward, aligning her cunt with his mouth and then pissed, holding his head lovingly, pulling his face into her crotch. She slowly relaxed, feeling the pressure in her abdomen lessen as Deepak drank the warm salty liquid greedily. Finally she was done and felt a wonderful sense of release. She continued to stand in this stance, letting Deepak now suck her cunt juice, as a sweet dessert and a reward for his performance.

Mom shat for almost half an hour, and Prasad felt his stomach become full. He obediently swallowed and sucked in a trance, beyond any feeling, as mom worked the piston finally twice. Mom stopped with a satisfied sigh and pulled out. She removed the tube from her anus and Prasad's mouth. She frowned when she found a few shreds still clinging to the tubes. She made Prasad lick the precious particles till the apparatus was clean. Then she too stood on top of him and commanded him to open his mouth.

Prasad did so reluctantly, as he was totally full but knew that mom in her present state of mind would not rest till he had done her bidding. So he held his mouth open in a big O as Mom carefully took aim and pissed, in a strong thick hot gurgling stream. He swallowed and drank deeply as Mom relived herself for about ten minutes. When Mom finished, she held his mouth against her cunt, making him suck. Finally when he tasted the familiar delicious discharge from his mother's cunt, he felt a stirring of lust in his cock, slowly hardening. Deepak by now was strongly fucking him from below and soon came in a violent orgasm, still sucking on his sister's cunt. Mom also discharged into his mouth and sank back to the floor, tired and happy.

They all relaxed after the act and Prasad was unbound. He lay with his head in mom's lap who lovingly asked him whether he had enjoyed his breakfast as promised by her. Then without waiting for an answer, taking his enjoyment for granted, she promised to repeat the act every morning and night. She also told Neelima that here onwards, they would switch tubes after shitting halfway so that both the boys could savor the taste of both women's shit. The boys had their stomach full but the women were a little hungry and helped themselves to each other's milk and then settled down into a long languorous sixty nine, feeding on each other's cunt juice.

While they fed on each other's lovely soft bodies, they allowed Prasad and Deepak to bugger them from behind. Prasad took care of Neelima's arse while Deepak humped his mother's anus passionately. This arsefucking was exceptionally sweet for the boys as the two arseholes were hot, wet and slick after the recent shit and gave a delightfully moist feel to their rampaging cocks.

Rest of the day was spent in frantic fucking and buggering, the family having been aroused like animals by the morning's happenings. Mom and Neelima regularly pissed into their partner's mouth every hour or so. Two slipper pairs were slowly stuffed between their lips, once during lunch and once during dinner. The women mounted them and fucked them steadily while the boys struggled with eating and chewing of the slippers stuffed in their mouths. Neelima and Mom ate heartily throughout the day, and had a big meal after Deepak insisted. They had again built up a sweet pressure in their intestines by evening and had another round of shitting, this time Deepak eating out of Mom's arsehole and Neelima feeding Prasad. They went to sleep finally locked to each other. Mom and Neelima were locked into a passionate sixty-nine while Deepak and Prasad buggered their arse in a sandwich.


The orgy ended and the week began. Prasad had finally accepted his fate and was resigned to quietly eat Mom's shit whenever she desired him to do so. During the first night after the orgy, mom started the proceedings by lovingly pissing into her son's mouth in their bedroom as he lay on the soft bed. Then she slowly fucked him as she directly stuffed his mouth with her slippers. As she languidly enjoyed herself rising up and down, she shared the good news with him. She was now so filled with love for her sons that she had started eating more during the day. This would enable her to feed either of them twice during the day, once in the morning when they left for work and once during the night during their lovemaking. This, in addition to the slipper pair being eaten by him would ensure that her darling boy would never be hungry.

Prasad slowly ate the slipper and moaned with desire and trepidation at his increasing role as a live toilet for his mother. Mom fucked him for a long time and then sat on his mouth, her cunt humping him lustily till juice filled his mouth. She came continuously for the next hour and then had her own snack by sucking on the boy's erect cock, gobbling up his thick cream appreciatively.

She again pissed into his mouth and then as it was already midnight, prepared him again lovingly for his nightly supper. He pleaded to be left alone as she fitted the force-feeder to his mouth. But she was firm, for his own good. She explained that in the morning, she would not like to use it but would directly shit into his mouth. However the fun lay in fitting the forcefeeder, its immense value as a entertaining toy outweighing the efforts involved in fitting it to the victim's mouth. Hence it would continue to be used at night.

She then lay him on the bed in a comfortable position after binding him and then fitted the saddle to her own buttocks. She then sat down heavily on his face, smothering him in her large buttocks and started shitting. She told him that she would take a long time now, as they were both comfortable and she wanted her boy to taste and relish each mouthful thoroughly. Prasad slowly and reluctantly held the warm thick mass on his tongue and rolled it around his mouth, chewed it, tasted it and then swallowed it under instruction from his mother. After a few mouthfuls, he found himself slowly getting aroused and started enjoying the feeding. By the time mom ended with the last push on the piston, he was eagerly gulping down the offering of his mother and could at last appreciate the lust and eagerness with which Deepak had eaten his sister's and mother's shit. He also started relishing the grainy cheesy texture like coarsely ground flour and would roll it on his tongue for a long time.

As mom removed the force-feeder from his mouth and again lovingly prepared to piss in his mouth to quench his thirst after a big meal, he told her shyly that he wished it had lasted a little longer. Mom was elated that finally her darling son had developed a taste for his mother's shit. She promised him more in the morning and then commenced her pissing to quench his thirst and then humping to reward him with her sweet cunt juice as a dessert. Then she herself obligingly lay face down on the bed and invited Prasad to enjoy himself as she promised him that he would now find her deep anus deliciously warm and soft soon after the long shit.

He eagerly mounted her and entered her arsehole and almost sobbed with gratitude as the hot moist anus settled around his raging cock. He had the bugger of his life with Mom affectionately egging him on and promising that it would be a constant recurring pleasure for him twice every day. She became so happy that she promised to stop using the feeder except as a toy to be played with occasionally, as she gagged his mouth with her soft breast while breast-feeding him.

True to her word, the morning shitting was done directly in his mouth and was performed on the toilet floor in the most comfortable position where Prasad lay on the floor and mom sat on his mouth, her massive buttocks enveloping his face. As he lay, he had a great view of the complete genitals and arse of his mom, hovering just an inch above his eyes. He could feel the anus open and warm fragrance fill his nostrils as he probed eagerly with his tongue. He asked mom to hold it for a second and looked to his heart's content at the just visible end of the solid log descending from her intestine.

He felt the rectum open like a mouth and deposit the warm sexy tasty mass on his tongue in the form of a log. It continued till his mouth was full and them mom paused. He slurped, sucked and ate greedily and mom shat the next mouthful when she was sure that he had swallowed the last one. They had a great time and as she ended, she enjoyed the licking and tonguing of her arsehole after the shit as Prasad cleaned her anus up with his tongue. The only hitch was that mom had to hold her piss while shitting and could get relief only after Prasad had his meal, when she could turn around and reposition herself for the satisfying piss down his throat.

In the other room, brother and sister had passed an equally joyful loving night. Deepak had become absolutely crazy about his darling sister's shit and threw her on the bed as soon as they entered. Then he insisted that she feed him even when she was not up to it. Amused, she had placated him by first breast-feeding him and then pissing in his mouth as he squatted on the floor with his mouth open like a worshipper. Then as she tried to work up pressure in her intestines, she fed him her slippers and fucked him while he ate them voraciously. By this time she had enough shit in her buttocks and then fed it to him.

He ate it on the bed, as he lovingly sucked on her anus lying behind her sideways. She did not even have to exert pressure, he just sucked it out and gulped down mouthfuls, his mouth glued against her anus. She enjoyed it greatly and like Mom decided to increase her diet so that she could do justice to his appetite. Deepak was in his element and halfway through his eating, he stopped and made Neelima lie down on the dining table, on her stomach. Mom and Prasad were watching at this time through the peephole and gazed with great interest as Deepak lovingly kissed his sister's pink arsehole and then inserted a plastic ring about one inch in diameter in the sphincter holding it open. Then he sat on a chair nearby and peered closely into the open hole. He saw golden yellow cheesy matter just an inch below the sphincter and trembled with lust, breathing hard.

When he inserted a finger, bent it and withdrew, it was coated with the sticky cheesy shit. He licked it avidly and repeated many times. Then he fetched a silver spoon and scooped up the yellow cheesy delight out of her arsehole. As he ate smacking his lips, Mom and Prasad swooned with lust and Mom made Prasad get another set from the kitchen while she immediately prepared to emulated Neelima. Neelima felt a little uncomfortable in the beginning, the ring making her arse throb with dull pain but she took it sportingly and was soon enjoying it. Deepak compensated her by slowly masturbating her with his finger while he continued to dine royally. He also licked his finger occasionally to get the taste of the sweet nectar from his sister's cunt.

Neelima came almost continuously on the table, excited to a fever pitch by the delicious perverted scenario being enacted and feeling a deep satisfaction at being able to feed her brother with the goodies produced by her own body. After his meal, Deepak removed the ring, climbed on to the table and buggered Neelima right on the table, basking in the lusty feeling of the hot wet and slack anus just after a shit. He also experimented with drinking her piss with her standing up and taught her to aim perfectly for his mouth. While learning, they had a great time, as whenever she missed, he had a warm golden shower of piss into his face.

Meanwhile, Prasad was dining similarly in the other room but was using a combination of eating with the spoon and scooping up the delicious matter with his finger like from a yogurt container. Mom giggled all the while and broke out in laughter feeling tickled when Prasad finally inserted his tongue through the ring, using it as a spoon. However, mornings were always serious and ritualistic as after a night of sex and feast, both Deepak and Prasad preferred lying down quietly in the bathroom near the toilets with their mouths open. Mom and Neelima could squat on their faces and shit in the usual comfortable manner using their wide open mouths as toilet bowels. Only difference was that on the first day, Mom and Neelima had to hold their pissing for later as it was virtually impossible to shit and piss at the same time in the tiny mouths of their lovers. Mom ultimately found the solution in the form of a cork, right on Tuesday morning.

Prasad was surprised to see mom take out a small long rubber cork from a tiny scent bottle. She fitted it gingerly in her urethra and explained to Prasad that it would allow her to hold her piss while she shat. Prasad was filled with love for his mother's concern at saving the precious drink for her darling son. He peered up intently as she shat in his mouth. As he ate, he could clearly see inches above his face, the straining muscles around the urethra eager to expel the hot liquid being held in check by the tiny cork. Mom gently kept the cork pressed with a finger to prevent it from popping out with the pressure. After he had his meal, mom repositioned herself so that the urethra was now above his mouth and then slowly removed the cork. A silver colored high-pressure stream immediately shot out into his mouth and not a single drop was wasted. Mom sighed with relief and satisfaction as she watched her son gulp down the precious liquid. Mom immediately taught the same trick to Neelima by loaning her the cork, much to the delight of Deepak.


Prasad and Deepak looked deliriously happy the next morning and Mom and Neelima smiled at each other, having made the boys their complete toilet slaves. On the first swap night, Deepak used the same trick of the silver spoon on his mother and then hit upon a novel idea of drinking her piss on the dining table. After he had eaten his meal, he asked mom to turn over. Then he asked her to open his thighs and part her labia with her fingers. Mom obeyed him with curiosity,and lay face up on the table thinking he wanted to suck her cunt juice. Deepak did kiss the vagina affectionately but then produced a long slim plastic straw, very smooth and delicate, with a rounded soft tip and a flat anchor at the other end. Then he gently inserted the tip into the small hole of her urethra.

She gasped at the novel sensation, as it was very erotic though slightly uncomfortable. Deepak then gently worked the straw deep inside her cunt till she could feel it reach her bladder and only a small one inch length was left outside the vulva. She squealed, her body and especially the cunt muscles rippling uncontrollably as she felt the soft tube descend into the depths of her piss hole, rubbing the nerves uncomfortably but pleasurably.

He then smiled at her lovingly and took the straw in his mouth. He sucked on it as if drinking from a coke bottle and she could feel her warm piss rise through the straw and trickle into her son's mouth. He felt the tasty salty liquid fill his mouth and sucked hungrily drinking it up. Mom got aroused with a deep wicked lust and came strongly even as she felt her bladder being emptied. After he was done, Deepak just pushed in the straw so that it was buried up to the hilt, anchored by the small flat portion, which prevented it from being sucked inside.

Mom pulled him to her in lust and made him suck her off as she clamped her thighs around his head and had the orgasm of her life, her cunt lips glued to his mouth. The straw was left in Mom's cunt whole night and whenever after an energetic fucking or buggering bout, Deepak felt thirsty; he would just pull out the straw a little, put his mouth to it and suck up the piss from mom's bladder. Mom was in heaven and was so lusty that she continuously fucked Deepak and humped his mouth feeding him cupfuls of her cunt juice in addition to her sweet milk.

During prolonged rest periods, Deepak would sit comfortably in the bed, propped up against the headrest and pull his mom's thighs around his shoulder as her body lay in front of him. Then he would lower his mouth and suck on the straw as if drinking coke from a bottle. This allowed him to drink his mother's piss without she having to make any effort. Neelima and Prasad saw it from the next room as she sat impaled on the hard slim penis in her younger brother's lap.

Prasad immediately got up and brought a similar straw for Neelima and fitted her up. Soon she was lying the floor and squealing in delight as Prasad hoisted up her thighs around his shoulders and burying his face in her crotch, sucked greedily at the straw. This delighted her so much that she used it as a regular trick while going to sleep in the night. Both Deepak and Prasad never went thirsty again even while sleeping as now they could suck on the straw to drink mom's or Neelima's piss whenever they wanted even while the women were asleep.

The sleeping position was now absolutely fixed as the most comfortable and erotic where Deepak or Prasad slept with their heads clamped firmly between the thighs of their partners; their mouths clamped on the genitals sucking them even as they slept. On the other hand if Mom or Neelima woke up with a need to piss, they did not have to awaken the boys as the straws made it possible to piss accurately in their mouths without spilling a single drop on the bed. Thus their toilet needs were automatically taken care of during the night by the boys waking up and sucking out the piss every hour.


Major erotic events happened on the Wednesday night when Mom was paired with Neelima and Deepak mated with Prasad. After the customary breast-feeding and eating of the nipple-sheaths, Deepak borrowed the Force-Feeder from Neelima who gave it to him with a knowing smile. Prasad looked scared and resigned and mom and Neelima watched delightedly as Deepak literally lifted and carried a shouting and kicking Prasad into his bedroom and closed the door. Mom and Neelima immediately parked themselves in front of the peephole, kissing and fondling each other, with a couple of dildos, working in the two creaming cunts. Mom told Neelima that the next two hours were likely to be a lot of fun and they should not miss it.

Deepak first started to fuck Prasad's mouth and then after a long energetic session, came in the boy's mouth with pleasurable shouts. However, instead of withdrawing, he just firmly held his brother's mouth against his crotch and started pissing. Prasad tried to move away but was powerless and had to swallow the stream of hot piss that flowed don his throat. After he was done, Deepak withdrew and started on Prasad's cock, sucking it lovingly. The sick expression on the boy's face slowly changed into pleasure as he was sucked efficiently and he soon ejaculated his tasty thick cream into Deepak eager mouth. Deepak did not remove his brother's penis from his mouth but gently encouraged him to piss by fingering the boy's tight young arsehole. Prasad was pleased at this return of favor and pissed obligingly. Deepak drank the stream eagerly and soon had Prasad horny again.

Now he made his intentions clear as he took out the force feeder. He explained that he loved to eat the delicious matter out of the arse of his mother and sister, and also knew how much Prasad too enjoyed it. He wanted to have the satisfaction of fulfilling his duty towards his darling brother by feeding him while mom and Neelima were busy in their own lovemaking this night. A scared Prasad tried to elude Deepak by running around the room but a grinning Deepak soon pounced on him and dragged him to the dining table. He soon had the crying and protesting Prasad bound tightly and lifted him on to the dining table. Then taking the force-feeder in his hand, he asked Prasad to open his mouth. When Prasad kept it shut, trying his best to avoid his impending meal, Deepak persuaded him by smartly pinching him hard on the delicate silken skin of his glans. Surprisingly, in spite of the seeming fear, Prasad's cock was at full mast, evidence of his subconscious arousal.

As the teenager cried out and opened his mouth, Deepak quickly inserted the mouthpiece and as Prasad's lips clamped around it, tied the rubber strap firmly behind his head. He was now gagged and ready. Deepak turned Prasad on to his side and moved his body on the table so that his face was on the edge of the table. He now turned presenting his muscular arse to his brother. The height of the table was such that the tube projecting from Prasad's mouth was at the same height as his arsehole. Deepak proceeded to insert the feeder tube in his own anus and gasped with pleasure at the tight smooth feel of it as it penetrated his rectum.

His cock was at right angles to his crotch, throbbing lustily as he settled his buttocks into the large soft rubber saddles and pulled and tightened the straps. Then he turned his head, peering into the eyes of his brother and eagerly shat down the instrument. Prasad seemed to hold his breath to avoid taking it in his mouth and tasting the mass but then Deepak pressed the piston filling his mouth completely. Prasad held his breath for a long time but finally shuddered and breathed, tasting the hot steaming solid mass and swallowed.

Deepak smiled and waited till the trembling in his victim's body subsided and then repeated the act making Prasad swallow. Deepak hurried now, as he was literally mad with lust and wanted to bugger Prasad's arse. Prasad swallowed as fast as he could, resigned to his fate. Towards the end, his feelings became a little more erotic as by closing his eyes, he could imagine that it was Mom who was standing at the table feeding him; he had also been a little hungry and found some solace in his hunger being assuaged.

Finally Deepak felt his intestines to become wonderfully empty as he shat the last mouthful. He quickly unbuckled the saddle and removed the tube from his anus. He then pulled out the feeder from his brother's mouth noting with approval that it was absolutely clean. He then bound Prasad's mouth tightly and turned him over on his stomach prior to climbing on the table to start his buggering.

He suddenly paused and pulled the young boy's nether cheeks apart, peering into the soft pink opening. His heart pounded with hunger and lust as he saw that Prasad too had his intestines full and the golden yellow soft cheesy mass was visible just an inch below the rectum. He was hungry now and drooling, as he had not realized how much he had come to depend on Mom and Neelima's buttocks for his meals. He decided to dine off his young sexy brother's anus and quickly pulled out the anal ring he used on Mom and Neelima from the drawer.

He inserted it and it quickly popped in place. Prasad knew what was happening when the sudden dilating pain hit his sphincter, and waited with bated breath, his cock straining with desire and his heart full of joy and gratitude towards his elder brother. Soon he would also experience the satisfaction and pleasure that his mother and sister regularly felt. He ignored the dull pain in his stretched anus and swooned with delight as he felt Deepak's tongue descend into his arsehole through the ring.

Deepak started scooping up the cheesy delight with his probing tongue and tasted it. It tasted pure and sexy, same as Neelima and Mom's. He now ate quickly till the level dropped where his tongue could not reach. He had his silver spoon ready and inserted it into the open anus, scooping up a big gob. Then he ate with relish. Prasad helped him by exerting pressure to bring more and more of his shit in the outer portion of his anus. When it was finished, Prasad felt a deep relaxation in his overworked sphincter as Deepak removed the ring. Then he applied his mouth to the soft opening, sucking and licking it clean.

Finally unable to wait any longer, Deepak climbed onto the table, straddled the young stud's buttocks and effortlessly inserted his big throbbing cock. The anus was so soft and warm with the recent act of shitting that for the first time Prasad felt no pain but a deep sensuous pleasure as the big hard cock smoothly rammed in up to the hilt. Deepak immediately launched into a hard athletic buggering as he humped the young buttocks lustily, feeling with pleasure the soft warm moist flesh of the intestine clinging to him. He soon came in a sweet body shaking orgasm and lay panting, feeling the hungry arsehole lapping up and absorbing his jets of scalding cream.

Deepak climbed down, unbound Prasad and released his mouth. Then he quietly went and lay down on the bed awaiting Prasad. His arse tingled with anticipation as the horny Prasad came running, mounted him and was inside him in an instant, fucking his arsehole madly. Even though some time had passed after Deepak's use of forcefeeder, his arse was still warm and moist enough to give a great orgasm to the younger brother. They lay in each other's arms, soaking up the wonderful sense of release and feeling a pleasant stomach-full sensation. They soon settled into a more conventional sex as they went through bouts of sixty-nine, lap impalement, buggering while standing and kneeling down. Just after midnight, Deepak lovingly kissed his brother and asked him to get ready to eat his slippers.

Prasad did not protest as he was again aroused and feeling a little hungry again and also he was now totally subservient to his brother's wishes. The act started as a game where Prasad was made to kneel on the floor in front of Deepak. Deepak then picked up his size ten rubber slippers and carefully lay them on the sides of his penis, soles and straps inward, like two halves of a giant sandwich, sandwiching the hotdog of his long throbbing cock. The cock was threaded through the straps of the slippers to hold them in place. The delicious looking hoagie was then forced into Prasad's mouth slowly till it was all in. This took a long time as apart from the size of the slippers, the bulge due to the giant eight-inch cock was also to be accommodated.

Prasad stuck on gamely to the task of swallowing the slippers, opening his jaws wide and relaxing his mouth as Deepak worked them in patiently inch by inch, coaxing his brother's mouth to open more and massaging his slender throat as the rubber sandwich forced itself down his throat. Deepak was gasping with lust and had to bring all his holding strength to bear to avoid ejaculation before time as the delicious sensation of the rubber soles squeezing and rubbing his cock ran through his glans. Finally, the whole thing was in as they both stared unbelieving at the sight of the monster sandwich firmly stuffed into the young man's mouth.

Deepak soaked in the heady sensation for some time and then calmly held Prasad's face against his crotch as he slowly humped in and out, his cock masturbating pleasurably against the soft tight rubber soles. He commanded Prasad to eat the rubber halves of this sandwich, which Prasad managed to do in three hours, during which time mom and Neelima had a great time feasting on each other. Prasad ate slowly and carefully, not wanting to bite the cock in the sandwich and relishing the rubbery sweaty taste of his elder brother's slippers. In the final moments, when Prasad swallowed the last rubber piece, Deepak ejaculated violently, completing the mayonnaise for the sandwich with his thick hot semen from the cock. Deepak did not leave his brother's mouth but completed his duty of taking care of a hot drink after such a delicious meal, by pissing long and hard into the teenager's throat.

In the other bedroom, Mom and Neelima were already deep into their lovemaking, occasionally watching the boys perform their raw sex acts and monitoring their progress. They had started by drinking each other's milk and then settled into a leisurely sixty nine lapping each other's cunts. From there, they progressed to shagging as Neelima had brought the bananas and they masturbated each other by turn with the thick firm fruits till they were slick with the white slimy discharges from their cunts. They ate the fruits of their labor lovingly while watching Deepak force-feeding Prasad. Neelima finally became so aroused with love for mom that she stopped Sulabha mom from going to the toilet.

She lay down on the floor, insisting that mom piss into her mouth. Mom demurred first but then gave in to her darling daughter's wish, her own heart aflutter with desire. Mom sat down on a chair, opened her thighs wide and then pulled her daughter up from the floor, clutching her head affectionately to her crotch. She lovingly parted her thick bush and held the labia apart. Neelima eagerly inched closer and carefully applied her lips to the urethra, opening her lovely pink mouth wide. Mom pissed gently and lovingly, in a thin stream and in short bursts into her mouth. As Neelima drank greedily, she held each mouthful of the warm salty liquid in her mouth, swirled it around, tasting the rich tanginess and only then swallowed it.

Mom was in heaven, her heart full of love for her daughter, affectionately feeding her piss to her beloved daughter. After her bladder was empty, mom was so aroused that she had a long groaning humping bout on Neelima's mouth, masturbating furiously till she came in a long series of deep throbbing orgasms and felt Neelima's eager mouth lapping up the thick nectar.

Mom and daughter cuddled up and petted while they decided that it was worth fitting the straw into Mom's urethra for that night. Neelima did so enthusiastically and had a ready-made source of hot drink for the rest of the night. A natural outcome of this was that a thoroughly aroused Neelima insisted on being fed using the force-feeder. This happened when she was being buggered by Mom who was wearing a long thick dildo.

As Mom lustily moved her massive hips up and down lying on top of Neelima's supine body, driving the thick rubber cock in and out of the slender arsehole of her daughter, Neelima complained that she was hungry. Mom kneaded her daughter's soft breasts as she continued to hump her arse and asked her whether she should bring her a well fucked bananas. Neelima answered that what she wanted above all was to eat the sweet pudding filled in her darling mother's intestine. Mom was anyway feeling like having a quick shit as the customary feeding time of the boys was long past and felt a thrill of sensuous anticipation at Neelima's words.

She protested half-heartedly but gave in finally and stood up, preparing herself. She lovingly kissed her daughter and told her that there was no need to use the forcefeeder and she would do it gently and lovingly directly into Neelima's mouth. But Neelima insisted, saying she wanted to be forced, feeling a deep worshipping lust towards her mother. She said that she wanted to become her slave for the moment. Mom took out the forcefeeder from the drawer and asked her whether she preferred the dining table like Deepak and Prasad. Neelima was in a total subservient mood and said that mom should do it on the floor like a slave deserved.

Mom smiled and lovingly first trussed up her daughter with her nylon bras. Then she lay Neelima down and squatted besides her holding the tube. Neelima eagerly opened her dainty mouth and mom carefully inserted the rubber-lined mouthpiece between her lips. Neelima resolutely clamped her mouth around it, her pink soft lips stretched tight. Mom then bound the strap behind her head and affectionately tussled her hair. Then she got up and straddled Neelima's head, facing her feet.

She slowly squatted down and Neelima gazed spellbound as the massive smooth buttocks descended towards her face. They paused an inch above her face and then one of mom's hands came into view as it spread her own cheeks to open the anus. Neelima sobbed with love and longing as she saw the pink mouth open. She just caught a glimpse of a golden yellow mass filled in the pink passage, before it was blocked from view as the other hand inserted the feeder tube in the rectum. The rectum closed tightly, holding on to the tube.

Then Mom fitted the large rubber saucers on her hips and sat down gingerly, completely blocking Neelima's view. As mom tightened the straps in the front, firmly settling in the saddle, all Neelima could see was the black soft rubber saucers. She moaned with pleasure through her gagged mouth as finally she felt mom's complete weight settle on her head, and her nose lodged in the snug crack between the buttocks. Mom squirmed around making herself comfortable and ensuring that Neelima could breathe. Then she glanced back and asked Neelima whether she was ready. Neelima answered by nodding her head and waited, her tongue taut and ready to receive the gift from her mom's bowels. She felt Mom's buttocks tense up and felt the soft plastic tube between her lips bulge a little as a hot cheesy solid lump was expelled into her mouth and settled down on her tongue.

She immediately chewed it, swirled it around her tongue and tasted it. The taste was very different, a mix of bitter, salty and slightly sweetish substance but extremely arousing. As she ate it, sighing with lust, she felt Mom push the piston and with the soft whoosh sound, her complete mouth was full of the delight as the complete first load of cheesy hard shit was expelled into her mouth.

She ate it hungrily, mewing softly with mindless lust and heard her mom's voice filled with love asking her to take it easy and eat it slowly, fully relishing her gift. She chewed on it as long as she could and then swallowed hungrily. Mom waited for her to finish and then again shat another mouthful. Her eyes were full of joyful tears as Neelima settled down in earnest to enjoy the meal. She had never imagined that it could be so good and felt envy for her brothers who had enjoyed it for last few days. As if reading her thoughts, Mom said that there was enough to last for a long time and she should not worry about it being over soon.

Neelima felt herself creaming thickly with a deep lust as she continued feeding. She rubbed her bound thighs together desperately to come but succeeded only in inflaming herself more. Mom had also become highly aroused at this loving game and Neelima heard her sob softly. Neelima felt one of her mom's hands move around and soon mom's body was shaking in gentle convulsions as she masturbated herself while shitting into her daughter's mouth. However she deliberately ignored her daughter's obvious arousal, refusing to give her any relief.

This love feast continued for almost half an hour in which time mom orgasmed umpteen numbers of times. Slowly Neelima's stomach became pleasantly full and as she ate the last small mouthful, she heard mom work the piston quickly repeatedly to clean out the anus. Her meal over, Neelima smacked her lips and rolled her tongue still feeling the taste pleasantly. Her cunt seemed to be on fire and mom had deliberately not done anything to slake her fever. Mom slowly unbuckled herself and got up, leaving the feeder projecting from her mouth.

She bent down and kissed Neelima's eyes softly. Then she squatted down once more, aligned her urethra with the mouthpiece and started pissing. Neelima thankfully drank the hot salty liquid as it cascaded down her throat through the tube in her mouth. She felt so grateful to mom at having the foresight in keeping her piss ready for quenching her thirst.

Finally mom got up, and went and sat near Neelima's legs. She untied them, spread her thighs and pulled them up around her head onto her shoulders. Then she buried her head in her soft curly mass of pubic hair and sucked on her clit lovingly. Neelima immediately came, crying and groaning in a muffled voice through her mouthpiece as Mom sucked her off determinedly, drinking her copiously flowing cunt juice. She stopped only when Neelima became limp and almost fainted with release.

Neelima felt herself untied, her gag removed and lifted gently on to the bed. There her mom affectionately turned her around, took her head between her thighs and gently masturbated against her mouth, feeding her a slow steady stream of sweet cunt juice. Her own cunt was lovingly licked and sucked till Neelima slowly regained consciousness and cried long and hard in a burst of thankfulness to her mother to give her such a beautiful sexual experience. She also insisted that she would like to be fed every day. Mom slowly caressed her saying they also had to think of the boys and she would definitely feed her on Thursdays and during the weekend orgy if possible. Mom and Neelima then peeked into the other room and were just in time to see Deepak stuff his slipper sandwich into Prasad's face.

They watched for half an hour and again Neelima felt so aroused that she insisted on being fed mom's slippers. Here Mom too declared that this time she too would like to taste the treat of her darling daughter's lovely slippers. The sudden sensuous hunger for each other's slippers was natural considering that both of them were wearing very sexy thin rubber slippers that day, with a deeply feminine look and delicate straps which hugged their feet closely. The tight straps made the slipper flats slap with sexy sharp sounds against their soles as they walked. Mom and Neelima had been slyly watching each other's feet all night and feeling extremely aroused by the soft rubber footwear on each other's feet. Now that Neelima had broached the subject, Mom too wanted to eat her share of the rubber delights.

To be fair to each other, Mom and Neelima decided to eat each other's slippers simultaneously while lying comfortably on the bed. They soon lay reversed on the bed, their slipper clad feet nudging each other's mouth. They took the foot of their partner lovingly in their hands and licked and kissed the slippers passionately. Mom took the toe in her mouth and chewed on it delicately as she observed the smooth delicate feet of her daughter. She gave them and affectionately lick from time to time and then went back to the slippers. Neelima was trying to voraciously gobble up a complete slipper as she tried to take it into her mouth completely. It gagged her making it impossible to chew properly.

Mom finally hit on a solution and asked Neelima to watch. She slowly tore off a thin layer of the rubber soles. As the one-millimeter rubber layer separated from the half-inch soles, she pulled on it, tearing it around the straps and took it completely in her mouth. Then she chewed on the soft thin flat piece appreciatively as she continued to play with Neelima's feet and slippers.

Neelima too followed her mother's example and soon was chewing on a delicious flat piece of the sole. It was chewed to a pulp within minutes and swallowed eagerly. After that they ate regularly and steadily but had to take a break every half an hour or so when their passion became unbearable and they had to switch desperately to each other's cunts to suck off and masturbate. Neelima also took this opportunity to draw out and suck on the straw buried in Mom's urethra to have a hot salty drink. Their lust satisfied, they then turned back to the slippers. After an hour of lusty feeding, the slippers were now down to a thin layer of rubber and the delicate straps. Neelima now proposed that they gobble up the pair and finish off.

Mom agreed and slipped off both from her daughter's feet. She then rolled them up and stuffed them in her mouth like a creamroll. They made her cheeks bulge a little and she was turned on by the sexy stuffed feeling in her mouth. She chewed determinedly, getting inkling of how her sons must be feeling as they ate the slippers. Neelima too had done the same and was sucking and chewing happily, feeling bits of rubber going down her throat, releasing their delicious flavor of rubber, mom's musk and the fragrance of the sweat on her feet. The last bout of eating took about half an hour at the end of which they were so horny that they just fell on each other's cunt and licked, fingered, sucked and masturbated furiously till they came with a torrent of white creamy discharge in each other's mouth.

Neelima lay supine for a long time after this love feast, basking in the pleasant erotic satiated feeling. Mom rested for some time and then as she was still quite horny, strapped on a slim six-inch dildo. She gently inserted it between the soft white buttocks of her daughter and lay down on top of her. Then she proceeded to bugger Neelima with a steady humping motion of her powerful thighs, simultaneously squeezing her breasts firmly. She went on for a long time, coming many times herself in languid satisfying orgasms as Neelima herself drifted off to sleep, gratefully relishing the continuous pounding of her anal passage.

Mom too went to sleep but woke up a few times in the night to continue her buggering again. Just before morning, they woke up and prepared themselves for the hungry boys who would come any moment for their hot breakfast. Neelima wanted a hot drink again from her mother but she refused saying they had to hold it for Prasad and Deepak. Mom also remarked that Neelima would have enough to feed both of them today as she had eaten in the night. Neelima blushed and waited, a pleasant full feeling in her stomach and intestine.

Soon the boys arrived, horny and hungry and Mom took Prasad to one bathroom to feed him while Deepak eagerly followed Neelima into the other. Mom told them to swap after half the feeding so that today they could enjoy taste of two hot breakfasts. Soon the boys were stretched on the toilet floors hungrily gulping down the warm steaming delight as the women sat on their mouths with their buttocks enveloping their faces. Half way through, Mom and Neelima stopped, switched the orifices to piss into the waiting mouths and then got up and went into the other bathrooms, where they repeated the act with the other eater. Finally when they left, they saw Deepak get up and enter the bathroom where Prasad lay and closed the door.

He had the forcefeeder in his hand and Mom and Neelima smiled at each other as they knew what was in store for poor Prasad. Prasad was just about to get up from the floor, still smacking his lips at the lingering taste of Neelima's lovely shit when Deepak walked in, naked and closed and locked the door. Then he walked towards Prasad, buckling on the saddle and inserting the tube in his arse. Prasad started up with alarm, anticipating why Deepak had come but Deepak was fast and was already on top of him, pinning down his body.

Ignoring his protests, he sat on his face, forcing the feeder tube in his mouth and tied it quickly. He held Prasad's arms captive tightly in the crick of his bent knees and bent down pinning Prasad's legs to the floor. Than with a sigh of lust, he started shitting down the feeder tube. Prasad bucked and writhed but was forced to swallow and gave up the fight as the first hot load went down his throat. He passively ate after that till Deepak was finished. Deepak walked out after that, smiling and telling him to wash up the feeder and keep it back in the room.


On Thursday night, the original pairs were reformed but with the practice of reversal of roles. By now, the boys were so hungry for the women's body that it did not matter who was the dominant partner. However, Prasad took this chance to ravish his mother as he chose by tying her up. Mom watched indulgently as he forced her on the bed and tied her hands to the posts. He did the same to her legs, spreading them apart. He next fitted the straw to her urethra and swooped down to have his first drink.

While drinking, he reversed himself, straddling her face and brought down his throbbing cock on her soft lush lips. Mom opened her mouth obligingly and Prasad stuffed it in all the way, grunting with pleasure as it entered her clutching throat. As he felt her wet hot tongue wrap itself around his shaft, he started humping her mouth. He had a great half hour where he sucked her cunt, drank her piss from the straw and fucked her mouth, finally coming into her throat in a great pulsating orgasm.

His next act was to suck on her breasts, feeding on the sweet nourishing milk, while squeezing them like ripe fruit. Then he switched to his favorite place, her buttocks and kissed and licked her anus, It was not yet time for his feeding hence he decided to bugger her but without ejaculating, as he did not want to affect the taste of his pending meal. He lifted up mom's body and wriggled under her. There he raised her buttocks and aiming his shaft at the anus, lowered her body, managing to impale her from below. Mom's weight helped in burying his cock from below up to the hilt.

He buried his face in her mass of silken hair and started buggering her from below, with short bouncing strokes from below. He also put his arms around her from below, clutching her ample boobs. He enjoyed her for a long time and when it became unbearable, stopped and crawled out. He then fucked her mouth again, also helping himself to another round of cunt juice and piss. He ejaculated and grunted with satisfaction as mom fed hungrily on his cream. He then just caressed her and kissed her, asking her if she was ready to feed him. When she asked him to wait for half an hour more, he decided to spend the time fucking her. He soon lay on top of her, his penis buried in her soft wet cunt and fucked her hard, kissing her mouth hungrily as she gave him her tongue to suck. Finally he could not hold himself any longer and was about to come when she told him that his meal was ready.

He disengaged eagerly and was soon lying beside her. He turned mom on to her side, still bound and eagerly buried his face between her buttocks. He prized the anus open and glued his mouth to the hole, cajoling her to start. He sucked hungrily as mom started shitting into his mouth, still lying on the bed. He shuddered with pleasure and ate with relish. Mom shat in short bursts, to help him take a mouthful at a time, taste and swallow it and then wait for the next lump. Mom managed to make it last for almost half an hour and Prasad was moaning with desire by the time she was done. He licked the arsehole clean, pushing his tongue in and then quickly moved to her cunt. Here he sucked at the straw and was rewarded with a stream of warm salty piss. He drank till mom's bladder was empty.

He sat up, inflamed with desire and turned mom over on her stomach, still bound. This had the effect of crossing her arms and legs in a scissoring position due to her being bound. Due the crossing of her legs, the buttocks came together tightly and he had to apply a lot of force to open the anus and shove in his throbbing cock. Though the shitting had made the arsehole hot and moist, it became tight due to the crossing of the legs and he sobbed gratefully at the tight clasp of the anal walls on his shaft as he penetrated her.

Finally he was fully inside and commenced his buggering eagerly. He started banging away and was soon fucking her arse in full cry. Mom chided him for ignoring her slippers and promised to get even the next day, by forcing him to eat an extra pair. He was so horny that he could bugger her only for ten minutes before he orgasmed. He rested and then started all over again. He was at it throughout the night, sleeping in fitful short spans before ravishing her anus again and again.

In the other room, Neelima had also coolly worked according to her well-set plan. She had first bound and trussed up her brother-husband and then proceeded to bugger him with a six-inch dildo, strapped to her waist, the other half buried in her cunt. Throughout the night, she slowly switched over to larger and larger dildos till she finally had a monstrous twelve-inch long and three-inch across rubber cock in his arse. She steadfastly ignored his pleas and cries of pain as she rode him hard, tearing apart his anus.

However, Deepak though in great pain was also aroused to fever pitch as she graciously fed him her piss and cunt juice from time to time. She took time off at midnight to saddle into a forcefeeder and soon bound her arse to his mouth, feeding him delicious shit from her lovely buttocks. Deepak ate gratefully and then had the orgasm of his life as she sucked him off with her warm soft mouth.

After that she had her revenge as she rode him around the room, with the twelve-inch cock buried in his anus. She had her slippers in his mouth and used the binding strap as a leash. She rode him with her thighs wrapped around his waist, buggering him steadily with her double dildo as he went round and round the room on all fours. In the final five minutes, she made him race as fast as possible, using a combination of arousal by tickling his stiff penis with her dainty toes and pain by pressing a lever at the side of the dildo which made its surface break out into ridges and bumps of stiff rubber. This caused him a deep sharp pain in his anal walls as the moving dildo surface ravished his intestines.

She also pinched his nipples with her long sharp fingernails. He finally fell on the floor sobbing and pleading as Neelima came in a dazzling sadistic orgasm. As he sobbed, he was also conscious of a delicious feeling in his erect penis at being ravished by his beautiful sister. Neelima made him lick her cunt juice off dildo and then sat on his mouth, making him suck and drink the torrent of discharge from her vagina. She immediately followed up with a long piss in his mouth.

Then she proceeded to make him experience a long sweet sexual torture by laying him on the floor and then impaling her luscious cunt on his hard quivering cock. She fucked him in a disciplined controlled manner, varying her strokes and pressure and coming herself in sweet groaning orgasms but taking care not to allow him to come. She interrupted her fucking to squat on his mouth to feed him the sweet slimy cunt juice and her hot piss, which further inflamed him. When he was whimpering continuously with unfulfilled lust, she smiled sadistically and unplugged herself.

He thought that at last she would make him come now but she just repositioned herself, lubricated her anus with juice from her own cunt and then sat on his cock, slowly lowering and impaling her arse on his rock-hard penis. She did it slowly and carefully as her arsehole was narrow and delicate and must have also caused her some pain. But she was in heat and determined to continue her sweet torture. After impaling herself to the hilt, she gathered her breath and relaxed for some time and then started to slowly rise and fall, buggering herself.

At first she was cautious, so as not to hurt herself but slowly as her anus got lubricated, she started buggering faster and faster and was soon grinning with pleasure at the sweet friction in her anal passage. Deepak was now mewing in mindless lust, unable to stand this sweet torture and flailed around desperately to escape this unbearable pleasure. Neelima relished his desperation and enjoyed herself for almost one hour till she was tired. Finally she placed her feet on his mouth and as he licked them hungrily and devotedly, tightened her sphincter while riding his cock.

Within two or three strokes he exploded with a scream and his body jerked around with unbearable pleasure as Neelima sadistically continued riding up and down, feeling hot slick semen coat her anal walls as he ejaculated repeatedly. He could not bear the friction on his ejaculating raw glans and pleaded with her to stop. She smiled mischievously and continued riding him. She stopped only when he fainted, unable to bear this sensory overload. She woke him up by sitting on his mouth and slowly pissing into it. Then she continued her love plays as he gazed at her gratefully, worshipping her like a goddess. By morning, Deepak was tired, feeling thoroughly buggered and bruised but also deliriously happy, feeling great love and affection towards his sister for ravishing him so thoroughly and professionally.


Everybody had a long rest and refreshing sleep and then met in the master bedroom. They were all horny and mom suggested a quick raw start to slake the edge of the appetite. She insisted that everyone including Deepak and Prasad wear their rubber slippers. The weekend's orgy started with both mom and Neelima being buggered by Prasad and Deepak while they lustily sucked each other's cunts. The boys then sucked off the semen and arsejuice coated on each other's cocks, finally pissing into each other's mouth, swallowing the hot tangy liquid enthusiastically. Mom and Neelima sucked each other's anus, scooping and sucking out the cream with their tongues. The family collapsed on the bed in a heap, then relaxed a little, discussing further moves.

Mom suggested that though they could continue to have sex in all possible random combinations, the actual fun would come by selecting one of them as a victim and then ravishing him or her in all possible perverted ways. She further explained that this would continue on Saturday and all night. On Sunday, they could switch back to a more general orgy again. Of course they would break in between to feed the boys and themselves. Mom offered herself graciously for the victim's role but her children vetoed it.

It was finally decided to draw lots. Mom grinned and said she had the perfect sexy way for lots. She asked Deepak to fit her with a straw. She stood with one leg raised on a stool as Deepak sat below her and lovingly inserted a straw into her urethra. Mom then said that none of them knew how much piss she had in her bladder. All her children would take one suck on the straw, sucking one mouthful each. The one who finally sucked only air would be the victim.

Everybody agreed, already feeling aroused. Neelima was the first as Mom sat on the table, spreading her thighs wide, displaying her wide red gash between the dense black bush, with the white straw projecting out sexily just below the clitoris. She motioned Neelima who eagerly sucked a mouthful of piss and straightened, swallowing triumphantly. Prasad was the next, followed by Deepak. They kept on sucking turn by turn, giggling excitedly and getting hornier by the minute. Mom was enjoying herself, already creaming and the white discharge oozing out from her slit made everybody smack their lips in anticipation. Mom now slowly masturbated herself, by rubbing her stiff cherry of a clitoris with her thumb as she supervised the sucking of piss from her hole.

After about fifteen minutes, everybody tensed up wondering who would be the lucky one. It was while Neelima was at the straw that an empty bubbling sound was heard signifying that the bladder was empty. Everybody erupted in joy as Neelima's lovely body was the perfect setting for acting out all their fantasies. Neelima blushed, both excited and scared as Mom lovingly pressed her face deep into her crotch, making her lick the white thick discharge dripping from her cunt. Then she closed her thighs around her head, holding her captive as she started coming against Neelima's sucking mouth.

She signaled the boys to start enjoying themselves and they fell on the kneeling body of the lovely young woman. Prasad burrowed his face into Neelima's buttocks, sucking hard on her anus, probing it with his tongue. Deepak lay down on the floor in front of her and was soon sucking her cunt. Mom asked them to make sure they sucked her dry. She said that she herself would take care of her mouth after Neelima had licked up her treat. A minute later, Mom opened her thighs, released Neelima's head and climbed down from the table. She sat on the floor and pulled Neelima to her lap even as the boys continued to feed on her two nether holes.

Neelima's eyes were glazed with pleasure and lust as she licked up the remnants of mom's cunt juice from her own lips. Mom held her head lovingly and clamped her hungry mouth on Neelima's red lips. Then she started sucking the fragrant saliva of the young woman and finally caught her soft warm tongue to suck on like a candy. They remained in that position for almost fifteen minutes, the males sucking out the juices from the two nether openings of the lovely body before them, while the women remained entwined in a long devouring open-mouthed kiss. Neelima constantly shuddered and writhed as she orgasmed endlessly into the mouth feeding on her cunt. Deepak and Prasad quickly changed positions so that Prasad could also feed on the lovely cunt juice, while mom continued to suck on Neelima's mouth drinking up her saliva.

They released her after some time and prepared to enjoy her body further. Mom told everybody that while the boys could fuck all her holes, they should ejaculate only in her mouth. Over the next two hours, Neelima would be continuously fed through her mouth with whatever delicious body fluids they could muster, cunt juice, semen, saliva and anything else. She smilingly emphasized the last words, sending a thrill through everybody's mind. She asked Prasad to move to Neelima's arse and Deepak to her cunt and start their fucking while she took care of the first feeding.

They lifted her on to the bed and held her face down while Prasad eagerly mounted her buttocks and slowly pushed in his erect penis up to the hilt between her white creamy buttocks. He did not have any difficulty in penetrating the slick hole, which was already well licked and sucked. She was then rolled over on top of Prasad and Prasad held her from below firmly around her chest, his palms latching on to the soft ripe breasts. Deepak spread her legs and kneeling between them lovingly parted her bush. Then he put the tip of his enormous swollen penis on the lush little opening of her cunt and pushed in slowly. The red cunt lips parted and swallowed the thick shaft easily up to the hilt. Deepak lay down on top of her, kissed her once affectionately and then waited.

They held still as Mom now climbed on the bed besides her. She lay beside Neelima, ready to breast feed her. She held one of her own large breasts and inserted the erect swollen nipple into Neelima's mouth. Mom then leaned and pushed as mush of the soft flesh as possible in her daughter's mouth. She nodded at the boys who launched into a spirited fucking motion, driving their shafts in and out of the two holes in the luscious body of their sister. Mom relaxed as Neelima started sucking and milk started flowing from her breast. The spirited fucking continued at full speed and after a while, when mom felt her breast become empty, she switched Neelima's mouth to the other breast. As the boys started groaning, Mom sternly reminded them about ejaculation. She waited till the other breast was also sucked dry. Mom saw that Prasad was having difficulty in properly banging her from below and she asked them to turn on their sides.

Soon Neelima lay sideways, sandwiched between the bodies of her brothers. As they were free now, they could fuck her properly, with long powerful strokes. Mom watched the lovely body shake and pummel between the grunting brothers and then she too lay down sideways. She shifted up till her thighs were aligned with Neelima's head. She lovingly raised one leg and pulled the head onto her lower thigh, pressing Neelima's face into her crotch. She waited till she felt Neelima clamp her mouth on her creaming cunt and start sucking. Then she closed the raised leg around her head, clamping the lovely head of her daughter tightly between her strong thick thighs. With a sigh of satisfaction, she started humping Neelima's mouth, masturbating against her sucking mouth, feeding her a continuous stream of cunt juice.

The three of them now settled down for a long drawn out humping of the soft feminine flesh. After some time Deepak groaned and said he could not bear the sweet torture any longer. Mom had by now had many orgasms and fed at least a full cup of juice to the young woman. She released Neelima's head and got up, asking Deepak to take over as she herself moved and soon had her mouth clamped on the well-fucked red slit of her daughter. She sucked methodically, making the young woman break out into moans of orgasm as she came thrashing and flailing. Deepak squatted near the squealing Neelima's head and nudged her mouth with his cock. Neelima glanced up to see the enormous knob at her lips and opened her mouth invitingly, with a little trepidation. Deepak immediately thrust the knob into her mouth, squeezing her cheeks to open her jaws wider. Neelima's cheeks bulged as she took the big ball of flesh in her mouth and sucked. Deepak was not satisfied and continued pushing, slowly stuffing his penis deep into her throat.

Now Neelima became scared as well as excited, remembering previous such occasions. She tried to push Deepak away using her hands. Mom noticed it and immediately reached up, catching hold of her hands and restraining her. She chided Neelima that she was supposed to quietly swallow whatever was put into her mouth. Then she asked Deepak to continue as she herself took Neelima's peanut of a clitoris between her lips and sucked. Deepak caught hold of Neelima's head and firmly pulled it into his crotch, simultaneously thrusting forward with his pelvis. He groaned with pleasure as he felt his penis slide through the wet smooth clutching canal of her throat till it lodged deep in her gullet and her lips were crushed against his pubic hair.

Neelima flailed and bucked desperately trying to get away from the monster invading her gullet. Her gasping throat and moving tongue further inflaming Deepak who now started to hump her mouth, grunting loudly at each stroke. He could only do this for a minute before he came, ejaculating deep in her throat, almost directly into her stomach. Neelima felt the hot squirts in her stomach but could not taste them. She waited passively till Deepak decided to pull out partially, lodging his still pulsing knob in her mouth on her tongue. She finally tasted the thick cream and relished it eating hungrily; the hot jets soothing her tortured throat as they trickled down.

Deepak was quiet for some time, gathering his breath. Then he pulled out to make way for Prasad. As Prasad excitedly pulled out his cock from Neelima's anus, she felt relieved as the continuous banging of her arse was making her feel sore inside. She soon felt Deepak 's mouth clamp on her arsehole and suck and lick it, soothing it gradually. Mom continued sucking her vagina without a letup and Neelima sighed with delight as she felt Deepak's long thick tongue enter her buttocks.

She was feeling used up but in a sensuous way and was slowly slipping deeper into a submissive mood where she started enjoying her own ravishing. When she found Prasad's red swollen cock at her mouth, she flinched for a moment but the bravely opened her mouth, enabling him to plunge into her throat in an instant. He was smaller then Deepak and looked more delectable but still the cock was rock hard and swollen and her throat did feel dilated as she bravely sucked on it. Prasad started fucking her mouth slowly and Neelima knew that he could do it for a long time.

The ravishing continued and after ten minutes when she felt Deepak stop licking her arsehole and move up, she had a sinking feeling, knowing what was in store for her. She was right and soon she felt his rock hard cock again enter her anus. She squirmed as it was a little painful, especially in her sore arse but Deepak continued till he was all the way in and then started buggering her with long steady strokes. She was aware that now that Deepak had had an orgasm in her mouth, he would have the stamina to bugger her for a long time. She was right and was thoroughly fucked in her mouth and arse by her brothers for the next half an hour.

Prasad ejaculated and after she had swallowed his cream, move down to suck her cunt as Mom moved back up again. She first kissed Neelima fondly and when Neelima told her in a hoarse voice that she was thirsty, mom immediately offered her the straw buried in her cunt. Neelima sucked gratefully and felt the warm salty piss burn her throat as she drank slowly. When she was done, Mom moved up again to enable Neelima to suck the discharge from her cunt.

It was afternoon and lunch time and everybody was hungry. They tied up Neelima as she was only supposed to be fed on their bodies and the proceeded to have their lunch. Mom first asked Deepak to remove his slippers and smilingly told Prasad that she would love to see him eat his elder brother's slippers, which had been prepared with care for last two days, Deepak wearing them almost continuously. A trembling Prasad was pushed to the floor where the slipper pair was lodged between his lips and then stuffed into Prasad's mouth.

Both mom and Deepak jointly helped in this task, Deepak applying strong pressure with his hands while mom tucked in the corners of the overflowing rubber into her son's mouth. As Prasad started eating, he tried to remove his own, thinking that Mom would repay the compliment to Deepak but Mom stopped him.

She explained that she was saving her own and Prasad's slippers for somebody very precious, glancing at Neelima momentarily. The boys' penis bobbed with delight at the perverse hint and Prasad responded by redoubling his chewing, eager to finish his lunch. Mom was aware of Deepak's hunger and walked to the bed where she removed Neelima's slippers and kissed and licked them fondly, as she walked back. She paused near Deepak who was already lying on the floor, eager and hungry. She crammed Neelima's slippers into his mouth relatively easily as the passionate Deepak cooperated fully, being overjoyed at the prospect of eating his darling sister's slippers again.

Sulabha Mom sucked both of them off twice each while they chewed and ate the rubber in their mouth. She then thoughtfully pissed into their mouth to quench their thrust. The boys held on even after the pissing was over, eagerly sucking off mom quickly to have a go at her cunt juice. A giggling mom obliged, but with only one orgasm each, saving her best for her darling daughter. After a little rest, they were ready to resume their ravishing of the soft inviting body of Neelima.

Mom was thirsty and looked thoughtfully at the trussed up form of Neelima, who was squirming with unease as she had not been allowed to piss for a long time. Mom asked for a straw and then slowly inserted it into the urethra of her darling daughter. She smiled at Neelima and then bent down, taking the straw tip in her mouth. She sucked and was rewarded with hot salty tangy piss from Neelima's bladder. She drank eagerly, as the boys watched with wonder and slowly were aroused to see their mother sucking up her daughter's piss. They protested, asking her to leave a little for them too but Mom ignored their pleadings, saying there would be enough later. She drank for a long time, emptying the bladder and Neelima sobbed with relief and love for her mother.

Mom moved up and kissed her and then asked her whether she was hungry, as she had not eaten anything solid since the morning. Neelima nodded her head and Mom told her that she had saved her slippers only for Neelima. "She slowly took them out and asked the boy to start working on Neelima's two nether holes. As they eagerly fell on her body, sucking and licking her orifices, she asked Neelima to open her mouth. A mesmerized Neelima slowly opened her dainty mouth and Mom carefully slipped in the heels of one of her slippers into her mouth. She then worked it in, giving instructions to Neelima on how to move her jaws and relax her throat. Under her careful loving guidance, Neelima soon managed to take the complete slipper into her mouth.

Mom closed her lips gently and told her that ideally her daughter should also be eating the other one at the same time but she was being considerate as she wanted Neelima to fully relish and enjoy her mother's slipper. She bound Neelima's mouth with her panties, carefully placing the crotch around her nose and lips so that she could smell the fragrance of mom's cunt as she ate. Neelima's jaws started moving as she tried to chew on the soft rubber soles and straps.

She was feeling a mix of arousal, helplessness and pain in her straining jaws and was also secretly thrilled at being ravished. She gave herself up totally even as she felt her cunt and anus impaled again by the eager hard cocks of her brothers. They were soon fucking her lustily. Mom busied herself by concentrating on Neelima's breasts. She first sucked them dry of the sweet milk, and then settled down to methodically crush them, taking particular care to squeeze and roll the hard turgid nipples between her fingers. The boys had to keep fucking till Neelima's mouth became free and they swapped the holes to keep themselves in control.

As soon as Neelima swallowed the last piece of her mother's slippers, and coughed to relieve her throat, Mom pounced on her mouth. She quickly positioned her cunt on Neelima's mouth and started humping, coming with a pent up sigh of delight, feeding her daughter with boiling thick cunt juice. After coming many times and slaking her lust, Mom pushed the straw into Neelima's mouth and started pissing with a sigh of relief. She emptied her bladder ignoring the silent plea in her daughter's eyes and got up.

Neelima had just started feeling the effects of continuous sexual pounding and wanted to ask her mom and brothers to stop. But they were having great fun and just decided to continue. Prasad was waiting for her mouth to be free and immediately thrust his hard penis into his elder sister's mouth, as soon as Mom moved off after pissing. Then he latched on to her face like a rutting male and fucked her throat lustily. He came soon, filling her mouth with his semen, and relaxed panting and satiated as he waited for her to finish swallowing yet another load of semen.

As he was about to withdraw, Mom asked him with a naughty smile as to when he had pissed last. The implications of the question stopped him and he slowly felt a surge of perverse pleasure as Mom continued coolly and told them that from now on, they would all use Neelima's body as a percolator. All pissing including that by the boys was to be done in Neelima's mouth and everybody would in turn drink from Neelima's cunt straw.Prasad looked at Neelima who was now scared and trying to desperately free Prasad's cock from her mouth. Her mother's words had filled her with fear and she suddenly was aware of her desperate situation, even as her cunt perversely creamed at her own ravishment, making her sob with arousal.

Prasad grinned and held her head fast against his crotch. He sealed her lips with the pressure of his crotch and then started pissing into his sister's mouth. As the hot tangy stream hit her throat, Neelima writhed trying not to swallow. But her mouth was soon full and there was no place for the piss to go except down her throat. Finally giving up, sobbing and crying pitiably, she swallowed, feeling the hot scalding liquid gurgling down her throat. The horny youngster took a long time, enjoying every bit of the struggle and when he finally got up, he was hard again.

It was Deepak's turn now and he cajoled the young woman to open her mouth lovingly. Prasad rested, slowly caressing his own cock and kissing Mom's feet as she herself sat sucking the young woman's cunt, enjoying the next act. Neelima tried to keep her mouth shut, tears streaming down her lovely cheeks but the unyielding Deepak easily managed to open her lips with his strength and a little cruel squeezing of her cheeks and soon he too was lodged in her mouth. However, he decided to give her throat some rest and let the swollen ball sized knob remain in her mouth instead of shoving it down her gullet. He cradled her head in his left hand and started fisting his shaft powerfully, masturbating in her mouth.

He did it with a great degree of control, making it last a long time and mom and Prasad who were watching were aroused sufficiently with this spectacle to indulge in a little bit of mutual fucking, mom making sure that her son did not come in her cunt. Deepak finally ejaculated, panting with release as Neelima swallowed the gobs of semen squirting on her tongue. He then got up, still clutching Neelima's head to his crotch. He climbed down, dragging Neelima after him and stood on the floor. Neelima remained kneeling in front of him, her face turned up fearfully towards him, even as her bulging cheeks held his flaccid penis. He smiled down at her and holding her head immobile against his crotch, started pissing.

The pissing was strong and they could hear the gurgle of the powerful jet as it hit her throat. He paused to give her time to swallow and Neelima squirmed and trembled, trying to move her bound hands and feet. Finally she drank, closing her eyes with a sob. Mom whispered to Prasad that this was a good time to have a go at her breasts and cunt. Prasad hurried eagerly to her and Deepak spread his legs obligingly to give him access to their sister's body. Soon Prasad's mouth fastened on one swollen breast and he gulped down the milk, while he crushed the breast mercilessly to hurry the squirting.

Neelima moaned in her throat with pain but to her family, she was now only a sexual object and a toy to be enjoyed and Prasad just moved on to her other breast. Finishing it, he wriggled under the kneeling young woman and fastened his mouth on the straw. Poor Neelima at last got some relief as she could piss and Mom watched this erotic tableau with fascination as her two sons played this delightful water-sport with her daughter, one pissing into her mouth and the other drinking her piss.

The ravishing now moved into high gear, with the three fuckers having relaxed a little and recouped their energies which made them feel horny and sadistic. After the pissing was over, the two boys released Neelima who slumped on the floor, looking groggy and wrung out. Deepak was about to lift her and bring her back to bed but Mom asked him to leave her on the floor. She said that Neelima had already had it pretty easy for a long time on the soft bed and it was time that they ravished her on the hard cold floor. Mom decided to start up the new festivities with a shit into her daughter's mouth.

Prasad and Deepak pushed their sister to the floor and played with her breasts and cunt while Mom prepared herself. She squatted on her daughter's mouth and sat down with a sigh, resting her complete weight on the delicate mouth. Neelima flinched and tried to wriggle but was held steady by the two boys. Mom's massive buttocks enveloped the beautiful face and she immediately started shitting log after log of solid cheesy turd into Neelima's mouth. Neelima felt suffocated and cried but ultimately ate passively, being used to the sexy taste and even licked up and sucked on the anus dutifully after the shit was over. Mom considerately pissed into her mouth again to give her a much-needed drink before she got up, happy at having fed the young woman.

They did not let her recover, but instead a thoroughly aroused Mom now lovingly kissed her young son and asked him to gift his slippers to Neelima. The poor girl could eat something substantial which would last her for a long time while they thought of other ways to fuck her. Prasad was overjoyed and terribly aroused, as he eagerly removed his rubber slippers. He advanced gleefully on Neelima, slapping the two slippers together to scare her and Neelima cried and begged to be spared this as her mouth was aching and she could not take it any more. But Mom and Deepak quietly sat down near her head, totally ignoring her entreaties and managed to force her lovely lips open while Prasad started inserting one slipper into his elder sister's mouth.

Mom asked him to make it a pair as Neelima had had enough practice with one slipper a little while back. Tears streaked down the captive young woman's cheeks as her mouth was forced open wider and the toes of both of Prasad's slippers, back to back, were slipped within her lips. Then it was fun and games as all three of them took turns at forcing the slippers in. It was a delicious and sensuous game and they played it for a long time, drawing it out as much a possible to extract maximum fun and arousal from it.

Soft pleading mewing sounds emerged from the gagged throat of the hapless Neelima, which further aroused the three ravishers. Each of them pushed and stuffed and inch by inch the pair entered the pink straining mouth of the young woman. The final honor was done by Deepak who stuffed the last inch in, using his tremendous strength. When the shapely lips close around the end of the heels, Deepak tied her mouth firmly using one of Neelima's own bras.

They sat and watched the writhing and flailing body of Neelima and after ensuring that she was able to breathe, started pounding her further. Mom sat with her daughter's head in her lap so that she could watch her desperate struggle with the stuffed pair in her mouth. She bent down and kissed the tear-filled eyes, gazing into them hungrily, relishing the pleading pitiful look in them. She then advised the weeping young lady that best course would be to eat the slippers of the young stud as quickly as possible because under no conditions would the gag be removed.

She then started crushing and kneading the soft breasts of her darling child as an incentive to hurry up, paying special attention to the nipples by pinching and twisting them. Deepak and Prasad were already at the nether holes, banging away lustily and as the slipper-eating was likely to take a long time, Mom allowed them to come into the holes they were fucking. They came with long drawn moans of pleasure, having become uncontrollable horny at the sight of their desperate trussed up sister pitifully trying to eat the slippers stuffed in her mouth.

Mom sucked out the semen of her sons from the two nether holes of her daughter and suckled them on her milk to make sure that they too got their nourishment. While resting, the two boys offered to take over the working of the breasts of their victim so that Mom was free to do her own thing. Mom nodded, glad to be free to masturbate as her cunt was now overheated with sadistic lust. She decided to masturbate on the gagged mouth of her daughter and was soon cycling her legs around Neelima's head, crushing it like a nut.

After some time, she climbed over her face, straddled it and then started humping her bound mouth, getting good purchase against the head reclining on the hard floor. Meanwhile, Prasad and Deepak had their fill of playing with Neelima's breasts. They sucked the nipples, bit them, pulled on them and twisted them. Every few minutes they would crush the breasts with all their strength, as if using the wrist exerciser in the gym. They congratulated each other every time they drew a gagged moan of pain or a spasm in the white soft body under their ministration.

When Sulabha mom was finally done and lay panting and satiated, having orgasmed to her heart's content, she rolled off. Juice ran down her thighs and coated Neelima's face. The boys did immediate justice to it, licking it off Neelima's gag and from mom's thighs and cunt. While they were happily feeding on this nectar, Mom noticed her remaining slipper, still lying unused because her darling daughter had eaten only one of the pair. She asked the boys about suggestions as to how to use it.

The opinions varied, one option being immediately stuffing it in Neelima's mouth while the other option was to toss to decide between the two sons expressing an ardent desire to eat the delicacy. Mom vetoed the first one saying it would be too much for her delicate young daughter's mouth to have three slippers stuffed in her mouth. As Deepak had already had the pleasure of eating a feminine pair, that of Neelima, Mom voted in favor of Prasad but with a sensuous variation. She suggested masturbating Neelima with the slipper and then letting Prasad eat it.

Accordingly, they laid the young lady on the kitchen table and Deepak and Prasad had a fun filled hour as they first slowly inserted Sulabha mom's slipper into the well-fucked slack pussy of their sister. They had to roll it up as it was quite wide and hence dilated the soft vagina cruelly. As it was pushed in, the body of the young woman flinched and writhed continuously. They left it the slipper in the cunt for a minute and then started masturbating her with it. It moved with difficulty, the flat sole and the straps getting stuck and hence they had to saw it in and out with brute force.

Neelima cried silently, her body shuddering with agony. Mom watched standing near her head and slowly kissed and licked her daughter's face, trying to taste her erotic pain. She noticed that it was already late and everybody was tired. It was time to stop but Neelima had to finish her dinner. To persuade her to hurry up, she was lifted off the dining table and made to stand on all fours on the floor and then Prasad kneeled behind her and started eating mom's slipper out of her cunt. The juice coated rubber treat was delicious and he chewed and gulped in a frenzy, finishing it in fifteen minutes.

Deepak took over and mounted her quickly and efficiently, buggering her arse. As he wrapped himself around her, bringing his considerable weight to bear on the delicate arms and legs of Neelima, they had to support her to prevent her from falling down. Mom now gave notice to Neelima that she had exactly half an hour to finish the slippers in her mouth. Meanwhile she would be buggered continuously and had to walk around like an animal on all fours bearing Deepak's weight. If she fell down, she would be tortured.

To illustrate, she formed her long nailed fingers into a pinch and catching Neelima's nipple, gave it a hard short pinch. The young woman squealed through her full mouth and started crying. Mom told her that if she did not behave, she would do the same with her clitoris. The trembling girl somehow managed to stay up, her slim arms and legs tense with effort. Now Mom asked Deepak to start buggering her. He was already mad with lust, his cock swollen and tight in her narrow anal passage. He immediately started to drive in and out, first slowly and then with increasing strength. As his strokes increased, Neelima's body shook under his pounding and every time he drove in, her hands would almost give way.

She was now crying steadily with pain and Mom was watching her gleefully, her face inched away from her daughter's as she peered into her eyes, soaking in her misery. One result of this persuasion was that Neelima chewed and gulped desperately, finally eating Prasad's slippers. Deepak steadily increased the tempo and suddenly Neelima collapsed on the floor. Deepak remained mounted on her and buggered her with renewed lust, close to a delicious orgasm.

Mom carried out her threat, by first slapping the young woman and then pinching her nipples hard. As she squealed, Mom put her hand below her body, found her little pea of a clitoris and squeezed hard. She continued pinching and squeezing mercilessly as the young woman moaned and sobbed, gasping and pleading. She finally managed to get to her knees and hands and resumed her crawl, eating like a maniac now. Deepak somehow survived for ten more minutes and as soon as Neelima swallowed the last piece of the slipper and let out a loud pitiful scream "ooo maaaaaa" from her free-at-last mouth, he hammered into her anus, bringing Neelima down again hard on the floor.

He orgasmed, shouting gleefully and sadistically like an animal. Mom and Prasad fell on the prostrate body, pinching and pulling her clit and nipples in their lust as a parting gift. Soon all the three fuckers were latched on to the girl pounding away in a last burst of strength and orgasmed in a sadistic explosive eruption.

Neelima had fainted and finally the trio slowly got up, They were totally satiated and kissed the unconscious Neelima with love at having given them this great day of sadistic sex. They noted the thoroughly wrung and bruised body of the young woman and felt pity for her but also a great sense of heavenly delight in this sadistic sport. Mom said that they would make it up to her that week. They would also give her a thorough bedrest and loving care.

Mom also asked them jokingly who would be the lucky winner next week. Both Deepak and Prasad looked at each other and wondered, their hearts aflutter with desire as well as fear since they knew what they would be in for. Mom asked them to go to sleep as there was no point worrying about it now. They put Neelima to bed and themselves fell into a deep sleep. While drifting off, the last thought in mom's mind was that it would be heavenly to be ravished like this for her own birthday next month. She would like to be raped and used by her children exactly as they had done to Neelima, may be with even more nasty acts. She would give them a hint tomorrow itself to give them time to prepare for the great day........

-------- END --------